You probably want to know more about the person you’re buying a vintage rug from, and why you should trust her. I understand buying a rug online can be daunting, you have questions, wonder if you can trust the information you’re reading. I know, I’ve been the person wishing and wanting that amazing, one of a kind rug before I finally bit the bullet and bought one. And another one. Until my house is full of incredible rugs that friends stop and stare at, asking where I bought it.

To be honest, the first vintage rug I bought, I didn’t mean to buy. It was the holidays, I might have had too many margarita’s, accidently bought a rug, and didn’t find out until it arrived a couple weeks later. Imagine my surprise, my horror, and then my elation when the vintage rug fit exactly in my odd shaped dining room as if it were fate. I’m not sure the moral to that story, but I’ll advise against drinking and shopping anyway. It did free me from any angst about buying a vintage rug online, as I quickly found out these rugs are incredibly durable, they’ve been in people’s homes for decades. They have withstood life, adventures, kids, pets, spills and winter boots. And they still look beautiful.

I’ve thrown out every big box store rug I’ve ever owned because they did not withstand life events. A fifty-year-old rug, however, knows what it’s doing. They were made with hand spun, hand dyed wool, hand loomed, and hand knotted with love by women. Vintage rugs are not perfect, neither are we, which makes them almost foolproof in modern homes.

So, Hi. My name is Molly Patterson. I am a collector of time worn and proven goods. An absolute obsessive admirer of vintage rugs, and the energy they will bring to your home. I was taught to value quality, to try to make the Earth better. To recycle, to reuse. Most of all to

“‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’. Quote by William Morris.