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Welcome to Perch 313

A definition of the word perch is a place to land, sit, or rest.
We invite you to find your place of rest, while admiring the beauty and message of times past. 

Hand selected and lovingly curated vintage rugs, textiles, and unique home decor
sourced from artisans and vendors around the world


Many decades ago, in yesteryear, when I was a little girl, my mother painted, wove textiles on her looms, and took my sister and I to art fairs in the summer where she sold her art. I am sure I complained, but secretly, I loved every minute.

Laying under her table, hidden by the tablecloth, I could watch and listen to all the art lovers and critics; I would run freely through the fair looking for someone who would dare to paint better than my mom. (I’ve never found that person) Our house was full of the antiques my mom inherited and collected, nurturing my admiration of years past. 

My venture into finding vintage rugs and textiles began innocently enough, being the daughter of an artist, weaver, and antique dealer. I crash-landed into loving vintage rugs after too many cocktails on a snowy night in Northern Michigan, accidentally purchasing a Turkish rug and promptly forgetting until the rug showed up at my door. It was a gorgeous rug, I got lucky, but I do not recommend this method of rug buying.

Many, many years and vintage rugs later, I decided my obsession of the art of rugs could be the start of a new career path. one based on art, love and beauty. So began Perch 313.

Our goal at Perch 313 is to bring the art of textiles into your home. Finding, sourcing, and curating vintage textiles for all price ranges. Our textiles are all personally selected from our contacts overseas and locally. We hope you enjoy their vibrant colors and history as much as we do!



Bricks and Mortar Shop!

640 N. Old Woodward

Suite 202

Birmingham, Mi. 

Appointment only due to Covid regulations. You can book an appointment on Instagram using the Book Now button in Bio, or contact me at

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